Housing Cooperative Troilova 4, 5, 6, Troilova 6, Prague 10 – Malešice:

Kateřina Penčáková provides regular cleaning of staircases and common areas in our apartment buildings. We are satisfied with the service, our cooperation has been going on for several years without any problems. The same company also provided us with painting services in the hallways and basements. We were completely satisfied in this case as well.

Renáta Synková, Prague 2, private owner

Kateřina Penčáková’s company has been providing us with regular cleaning of staircases and common areas in apartment buildings for several years. At the same time, we also took advantage of the offer to paint the staircase and apartments. In some of our apartments, the windows and doors were also painted. We have always been satisfied with all services. It is a pleasure to work with this company.